Stuck in a Closet

Written by Cassandra Moon

❝    As a child…
Hiding in my closet
is my kind of thing,
When hide and seek
is what we are playing
As they start counting
from one to three
Can't help from giggling
as they look for me.
       And now that I am 20
We no longer play
like how we used to be,
Yet here I am
still inside my closet
Hoping for someone
to open the door,
But I guess
I was been forget.
       I shout and shout,
And cried my heart's out!
Thinking that my voice
will reach their heart
But no one seems
to hear a thing
For they thought
that I am still a child
who loves playing
       Shades of black and grey
This is what I only see
Together with the feeling
of being betrayed
By someone who I thought
will set me free
       Please hear me!
I want to see a rainbow
For I belong to it's hue
And not to this pitch
black closet of agony. ❞
Original photo by Edwin Tan

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