Love, Happiness, and Endurance

What is love? When a person was been asked their definition of love, they first think about their love ones before answering. Some says, “Love is a feeling that made you think you are in a rollercoaster ride; bursting with different kinds of emotions—happiness, fear, and even made you feel crazy” and some also says, “Love is just an illusion created by our mind. An illusion that will only leads us to pain and suffering.” Every person doesn’t hold the same meaning love. They define love based on what they believed and experienced, and each one of us have different experiences no matter how similar it is with each other.

And as for me, love is always a feeling that cause as happiness and at the same time… sadness. The magical thing in love is you will never say that you are truly in love if that love can’t cause you pain, because how can you say that you love that person if their absence doesn’t make you sad, if you can still sleep peacefully after the midnight quarrels, and if you are not afraid to lose them?

Love doesn’t just make our heart race and filled our stomach with butterflies. It also makes our blood boil and nerve throb, push us to our frustration limits, cry our hearts out, and made us like a crumpled up piece of paper. That’s why if you want that love to last, then endure. Hold on tight and buckled up because sometimes love will leads us to a bumpy ride journey. Things will not be easy, but as long as this love is worth fighting for then fight for it.

Now tell me, what’s your definition of love?

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