The Eclipse

❝ You came when I’m in a
darkest pit of hell,
You became the light to my
cloudy night sky,
A moon that comforts me
whenever I’m unwell,
And guides me in order
for me to fly high,

       We met like how the sun
       and moon crosses it’s path—
       A kind of event that
       rarely happens,
       Yet fate leads us to
       where we sat,
       Now writing down our
       destiny with papers and pens,

       Red is the color of love
       they say
       Like how the eclipse
       glows in our eyes;
       It also means blood and anger
       that can lead us to astray
       Reminding us that this love
       comes with a price,

       A price; this may be us
       against the human race,
       But let them stare and try to
       grab us down from up above,
       We won’t be shaken in
       everything we will going to face,
       For we have the strongest armor
       which is our love.       ❞

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